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Expert Life Ayurveda offering No-BEY Weight Loss Powder naturally assist body in loosing fat. It is all-natural weight loss medicine. It contain herbal ingredients that work to increase metabolism and burn fat. Unlike some other weight loss products, No-BEY Ayurveda Weight Loss Powder does not contain any harmful chemicals or substances.

Herbal Weight loss medicine helps you to fight with the first two causes. It increases your BMR and enhances your digestive system so that you do not feel the need to eat more.

Our Programme

Expert Life Ayurveda Weight Loss program is one of the leading Non-Invasive and completely natural processes desired by the clients worldwide. We at Expert Life Ayurveda are 100% Harmful Chemical free and do not use any harm causing products on the skin or to be taken internally.

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The fastest growing Ayurveda treatment in India is now at your door step. Since 1996 Expert Life Ayurveda has been providing authentic Ayurvedic services to its members. Now Expert Life Ayurveda becoming a household name for Ayurvedic remedies.

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We offer specific plans for Weight Loss.


45 Days Treatment

INR 3750/45Days
No-Bey Power
Linn Fit Tablets
Complete Physician Prescription
Monthly Follow up


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INR 7500One Time
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Our Happy Clients

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What our Clients Say?

  • “I already knew about the ELA process when I purchased No-Bey and Linn Fit. I had already changed my eating habits by eliminated simple sugars and when I started the two Dosage per day I dropped most of fat. So, this products was worked well for me.!”
  • “I had lost all hopes of losing weight until my friend in New Delhi told me about benefits of Expert Life Ayurveda Treatment. Then I found them online and thought of giving a try. I could'nt beleive the results I achieved in such a short time.”
    Rishi Kharbanda
  • "This is the first ELA product I have tried and I no longer feel so drained at the end of my day. After trying out No-Bey I started dropping weight fast! Before I knew it, I began to feel better with a ton of energy. I learned to love myself again"
    Seema Joshi